Monday, May 11, 2015

Patterns of Thought - oil on panel 18.25" x 18.25" This painting may benefit from a little explanation. It's for a group show at the @heartnsoulgallery in CA (this Saturday, May 16) and is part of a fundraiser to benefit adults with Autism and special needs. The young girl pictured here, an artist herself, has autism and is the creator of the art that surrounds her. When I saw her artwork, I thought immediately I could combine my interest in portraiture, psychology and symbolism to create a painting incorporating some of the aspects associated with this condition, that might also in some way hint at something larger that we all deal with. The dots which comprise a large part of this painting are a faithful copy of one her paintings. As are the painted windows. I wanted to maintain the childlike quality of her work and juxtapose the subject's interesting obsession with pattern, with the different but similar obsessive concentration required in an accurately rendered portrait. An interesting note for me (and learning lesson) is that copying her painting wasn't as easy as I thought. For one, I completely underestimated the sheer amount of time necessary to paint the pattern as nicely as she did. More importantly, there was a high level of artistic intelligence involved in organizing the pattern that only when copying did I fully come to appreciate. The windows come from another one of her paintings in which several characters appear. Not really knowing her personally I wasn't sure if they held any significance but on closer examination I took one of them to bare a striking similarity to the artist herself. So, I incorporated her self-portrait in the painting as well… If you've read this far, thank you.

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