Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For the FB 3/5 Thanks to my friends and my father for the nominations. I figured I'd start pretty close to the beginning by showing some work from my student days, that I've never posted. As a student at SVA many of us would come in early, stay late into the evening and get together on Sundays to paint from life as much as we could. The fire of inspiration and the value of working from life was set for us by Steve Assael, Max Ginsburg and Greeny. For me, those early formative days are filled with a reverence that is difficult to express. The many paintings I have like these from this time period remind me strongly of the hours and hours we all spent together diligently working to improve our skills. They fill me with a sense of gratitude for the camaraderie, direction and opportunity. Sometimes the model wouldn't show and one of the students would pose. Pictured here is my friend Yuka.

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