Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 3 of the FB 3/5 - Part 2 Early Gallery Work - oil on panel In my early 20's, with certain work, I could only access a level of feeling by working from life and so photography wasn't an option for me. Our modest bedroom was so small that our bed literally took up the entire room. I sat outside the room every morning and painted for 6-8 hours several days in succession. It may look peaceful but any pose takes on a form of torture after a while. Still, this gentle hearted, generous girl persisted, meditating on the pain in her commitment to love she had for our relationship and the artistic bond we shared at that time. As my paintbrush slowly crawled across the surface, I sought to reconcile the limit of my skills and the experience I wanted portray. More than once, I wanted to quit; I was not up to the task. At times, I painted through tears of frustration. If she had given even the slightest opening, I might have let it go... but she didn't. To maintain the integrity of my connection while painting the bedding, that too had to be done from life. To do this, I made a plaster cast of her body and we slept on the wooden floor for a couple of weeks. I might also add that it was winter, and a cold wooden floor is no pleasure but we did it. This painting marks one of the many adventures but also the seeds of thought that would inform to what I do now…

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