Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 3 of the 3/5 - Part 1 In my early twenties at the same time I was illustrating I was also doing a fair amount of working from life. This painting is from a show I had at the CFM Gallery in NY. I lived with my artist girlfriend and together we worked in a small apartment in Rahway NY (not too far from a prison). These were modest days to be sure but filled with young love, hope for the future and a desire to do the best work we were capable of at the time. In the apartment underneath us lived a family of 8 people in the same amount of space we were occupying above. Without going into too much detail, I will simply say that it was tight for us. As is the case in situations of this nature we became friendly with everyone. Coupled with the conversations I was having with my instructor and friend, Max Ginsberg (a social realist of the most pronounced degree) and the experiences we were having, it was inevitable that I would want to make a painting that allowed me to visually mediate and process that time in life. Shown here was a part of our kitchen. The whole painting was done from life, which was very important to me at the time. Every morning when the light was strong enough, I would move the stove out of the way and squeeze into position for 8-10 hours of painting. Then we'd go to the gym, have dinner and work on our illustrations at night. I absolutely loved every minute of it. The painting is titled "Young Mother". Apart from being a faithful representation of every detail in our modest, modern kitchen, the drawings on the fridge were done by one of the children living underneath us. It tells the heart breaking true story of a little girl who simultaneously dreams of being a princess and living the happily ever after, while dealing with the reality of guns, drugs and the extreme violence she has already experienced. There is more to the painting, regarding the mother and the modern experience but I'll leave off for now.

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