Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 2 of the 3/5 I've always loved sci-fi fantasy movies and comics and early in my career I focused primarily on illustrating book covers for the subjects that initially inspired me to be an artist. One of the great things about doing these paintings was that I often put friends and family into my illustrations. A fun note about this painting is that Yuri Bartoli, Jacques Brédy, Lori, the young Dave Palumbo, my dad Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Liana (twice), Max Ginsberg, and I all posed. Always trying to improve on the last painting and following carefully the advice of Marvin Mattelson, I referenced out as much as I could. In this case, designing, sculpting and sewing all parts of the costume I couldn't purchase, finally assembling everything together at the photo shoot.

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