Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ancestor Portraits

It's not often that I write about the portraits I've done but I thought I'd share something I experienced recently that was fun and unusual... at least for me. 

Over the years I have done a significant number of portrait commissions for a very old and prominent family in Dallas TX. The family has ancestry that goes back to the early pioneers of Texas and are very proud of their history. 

Underneath are a selection of drawings I did of these settlers. The reference in some cases was from xeroxes of newspaper clippings that where very, very old. This was a lot of fun because although the feeling of character was there, I had plenty of room for interpretation. 

Over the years, I've done many others including some more recent ones. Two of which are underneath. This is the subject as an adult and as a baby.
There's much that could be written about this family's history and their rise to prominence. Not the least of which is their dealings with the Rockefeller's and their inventions. However, this is not the place and I'm not a historian.

Recently, one of the paintings I did for them was damaged and I stopped by to repair it. To my surprise much of the work I did for them hangs in an enormous room dedicated to portraits of their ancestry. 

Underneath is a short video pan of that room's paintings and drawings, the majority of which, were done by me. 

I realize this may come off as though I'm bragging; I'm not. As an artist, it's not every day one has a body of their work housed in such a grand manner and I wanted to share it. 

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