Sunday, August 24, 2014

Commission - Magic

 Commissions can be a fun aside because they offer an opportunity to work on pieces that one might not ordinarily choose to do on their own. 

This commission was from an ardent admirer of magic and enthusiastic collector of art. My paintings of ethereal floating figures inspired him to work on a project together that centered around magic or illusion. 

The basic direction… "Do whatever you like, just make it have something to do with magic or illusion". For anyone who has worked on commissions, the first part of that sentence is magic. 
Magic Painting
Zoom in on the painting here:

On occasion, artists brag about how quickly they accomplish something. In this case, I don't believe anyone would ever believe how long it actually took to do the painting. The photos never really captured what I had in mind and reworking the drawing to achieve the simplicity of design and maintain the subtly was something that underwent constant change through the whole painting. 

Like most of my paintings I can't resist incorporating some level of symbolism. 

The design of the cards are loosely in the form of a DNA strand, representing the cycle of life and evolution. I forgot to mention that this collector is also a scientist specializing in biology. 

There is more regarding my choice of masculine and feminine cards, the prominence of the Queen and even the choice of numbers but this post is already long enough. 

In the end, it was a fun project with many happy memories. Not the least of which was painting K completely white for the photo reference!