Monday, February 10, 2014

Drawing Process - Part 1

Several weeks ago I finished this commission. Usually, people allow me complete freedom but in this case there was one small request… knee highs. 

I like working through ideas in my sketch pad even for the simplest of drawings. These thumbnails, shown at approximately the right size are a little looser than usual but still gave me what I needed in order to decide on a direction.

I love working spontaneously because it introduces an element of surprise but often I feel my best works are the result of this practice. 

Sometimes, I find even the simplest ideas benefit from a few scribbles before hand. Another plus is that this process often stimulates seeds of growth for new ideas. 

This was definitely one of those times. On a single page, I see ideas for three separate drawings which I finished and will share over the next couple of posts. 

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