Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Allentown Art Museum

This panoramic was taken by a friend of mine on his cell phone. It shows my setup last weekend at the Allentown Art Museum, before the crowds came in for a show focusing on imaginary realism. A group show, of sorts to say the least. Although I hear the show was originally intended primarily for collectors, it was so well attended by the public, that the trusties were seen outside taking pictures of the long lines waiting to get in.
 This is not a surprise really. The organizers work hard to gather the most talented, well respected people in the business and they put on a fantastic show.
The artists are the most friendly, encouraging, inspiring group of people anyone could hope to meet. I know almost everyone but made new friends and met others who's work I've admired for years.
To start naming people would make this post much too long but I will say, it was a special pleasure to be in a show with my father and family. 

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