Friday, December 6, 2013

Collector's Editons 3rd set

A few more frontispiece drawings from the collector's editions.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Collector's Editions 2nd Set

I've been posting some collector's editions on Facebook, G+, Twitter and other places so I thought it would be nice to post them here too for continuity. I love doing these quick drawings but honestly, I love drawing period. If you'd like to see more please let me know by leaving a comment underneath or at any of those other places.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Collector's Editions

A couple of years ago when the book of my figure drawings was first released, I made a number of original drawings inside the cover to create collector's editions. I sold out almost immediately but kept creating new drawings because I love experimenting and trying new things. Additionally, this abbreviated fashion was a perfect forum to play.  Here are a couple of those drawings.
(more drawings can be seen here:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Article with The Artist Magazine

Interestingly, the intention for this article actually began with a totally different focus. From what I understand, Mrs. Hafesh heard through various channels that I ran an open studio drawing/painting group every week and initially planned to write about the nature of that and how it inspired the people who attended.

When she visited the studio, I was actually picking up our model for the day and K decided to share some of the paintings I had been secretly working on for awhile.

Seeing the paintings changed everything for Louise and consequently, we began a dialog that resulted in this article. Louise was so elegant and graceful that it made whole process very enjoyable. 

(note: If the text is too small you can read the pdf by clicking here and click the zoom button until the type is a good size. If you choose to read it online, some browsers make the images look pretty bad... the pleasures of technology. The fix for this is to download the pdf from the "file" drop down under my name.)
(Another note: the writer Cherie Hass has put a nice excerpt from the article on the well known and heavily visited blog:   )

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Artist's On Art interview

The fall issue of Artist's On Art was officially released today and I'm on the cover. The format for this magazine is usually to have the artists write their own articles, to bring the reader closer to the artist. However, when the editors contacted me to discuss the possibility of being in the magazine, I was under a tremendous amount of pressure; my days literally consisting of nothing but marathon painting sessions (lonnng... even for me).

We had been trying to work together since their first issue but I repeatedly stalled knowing that I wanted to begin speaking about this body of work. Rather than forgo the article, they agreed to change their long standing format and interview me. I'm glad they did for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I genuinely like what they did.

My sincere thanks.

Underneath is a low-res version of the article. The high-res can be found on the AOA site.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Drawings,

It's no mystery to anyone who knows me that I love to draw. The great majority of my drawings are never seen for any number of reasons. So, I thought I'd share a couple.

My day begins before K wakes up... materials always ready, I do a quick drawing of her.
 She hears me drawing and begins to emerge from sleep... I continue drawing. 

 K and I begin discussing our plans for the day and other such morning dialog...I keep drawing.
K get's up and has a cup of something warm before we go to the gym.

From time to time she's not home and we Skype... She strikes such good poses while we're talking and I have my materials ready so... I begin to scribble on postit notes.
A little further on in the conversation, the table was littered with postits and I wanted a larger piece of paper... I found the back of a receipt to draw on.
Still chatting away, we both decided to draw each other.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Allentown Art Museum

This panoramic was taken by a friend of mine on his cell phone. It shows my setup last weekend at the Allentown Art Museum, before the crowds came in for a show focusing on imaginary realism. A group show, of sorts to say the least. Although I hear the show was originally intended primarily for collectors, it was so well attended by the public, that the trusties were seen outside taking pictures of the long lines waiting to get in.
 This is not a surprise really. The organizers work hard to gather the most talented, well respected people in the business and they put on a fantastic show.
The artists are the most friendly, encouraging, inspiring group of people anyone could hope to meet. I know almost everyone but made new friends and met others who's work I've admired for years.
To start naming people would make this post much too long but I will say, it was a special pleasure to be in a show with my father and family.